To play an integral role in the productivity and prosperity of our community

by being in service to your success.

Alison Forster was raised in Germany into an adventurous, no-nonsense British military family where strength of character and being of service are considered paramount.


Driven by a deeply-entrenched need for achievement and an unwavering fascination in the 'human element', Alison steered a very rewarding and versatile professional course working as an Efficiency Expert in multicultural environments around the globe: ranging from the European Parliament, to a Kibbutz in Israel, exploring the world as a seafaring HSEQ officer, coordinating the French Foreign Legion in London, managing an Olympic Ski Resort in Austria and opening a branch office for a shipping line in Singapore, amongst other endeavours.


With the wanderlust satiated by her mid 40’s, Alison moved to the west coast of Canada to cast down roots on terra firma and embarked upon an exhilarating new chapter launching SASS (Savvy Admin Support Service).


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