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You’re exceptional at what you do.

So you go do your thing. Let us do the rest!


You don’t know, what you don’t know. We here at SASS are all about simplifying and streamlining admin processes for small businesses. We're really savvy like that. And because it’s what we do, we know a lot about the mind-blowing number of platforms out there—both free and pro—to get the job done. Chances are, you’ve even already got many of these time-saving tools at your disposal, but just don’t know it and these knowledge gaps are costing you. Big time.


If you want to work smarter, not harder—pick our brains!


DO BUSINESS WITH SASS by investing in this private 1-hour consultation.

Just $79!

Your Utopian Dream starts here— imagine Inbox zero. Think canned responses and templates that make customer interaction super easy. Your voicemail being managed for you. Appointments miraculously appearing in your calendar. You get the picture.


Nothing says “business as usual” like your investment in our OBM signature package!


Allowing for up to 20 hours admin work per month, your investment in our popular Business As Usual plan has all the bells & whistles and is by far the best bang for your buck if you need recurring support in your business. Unused hours do not carry over.


Need to add on some extra hours? Not a problem! We offer a discounted rate of just $50 per hour for any additional time needed.

Think Big. You want to uplevel your business by bringing on a team member and don't have the time or energy to train them. We're on it. We'll compile your Standard Operating Procedures and create a short & concise Training Manual which caters to all the different learning styles as part of your onboarding process. That way you can simply focus on bringing them up to speed on the really important stuff. You know, like where & when to show up for work and how you take your coffee.

Think Big Picture. You've decided it's time for an exciting new life chapter and you want to sell your business. Right on! And because most of what you do so exceptionally well is just in your head, stored on your phone or documented on various bits of paper—we'll collate all this valuable information for you and streamline the operational processes so that you're offering a turnkey operation at top dollar $$$. Business In A Box… Consider it done.

Simply want help with a one-off project? Let's have at it! Maybe your CRM is outdated and in dire need of an overhaul. Done. Or maybe you need some research doing. So done.

Your investment in our I Mean Business! plan includes an initial project consultation and an agreed-upon number of hours for admin work to be used at your discretion within 1 month of purchase.


Let’s face it, not everything in business fits into a nice, neat little box.

If you don’t see a plan that suits your specific needs, we also offer À La Carte services through our It's Strictly Business plan at an investment of $75 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

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